Frequently Asked Questions

All minor traffic convictions and accidents remain on your driving record for three years. All major violations remain on your driving record for ten years. Points for traffic convictions and chargeable accidents are added and removed at the renewal of your policy. There is no change to the policy during your policy period to add or delete points.

First, make sure you, your passengers and others are not injured. If there are injuries call 911 immediately. Second, in most states the police should be notified. Third, you should give your information to the other driver(s). Provide your name, address, and telephone number. Also let them know your auto insurance coverage is through Progress Preferred Insurance Inc. Then get this same information from the other driver(s). Finally, contact your insurance carrier at your first opportunity. Contact information may be found on your insurance identification card. If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact us.

Progress Preferred Insurance Inc. represents you - the customer. We shop from our panel of 30 different insurance companies to locate the best combination of price and coverage for you! Then we continue to stand by you, periodically shopping during renewal cycles to make sure that your insurance coverage keeps pace with your changing life.

When you contact us for an insurance quote, we shop our panel of 30 different insurance companies to find the most appropriate coverage at a great price. Some of our insurance carriers specialize in good drivers, while others write mostly high-risk drivers. No matter what your situation, Progress Preferred Insurance Inc. can place you with an auto insurance company that's right for you at a very competitive price.

Even though liability coverage is advisable and often required, there are many people who do not buy insurance. If an uninsured motorist causes an accident you may not be able to recover any damages that you sustain. If you purchase Uninsured Motorist Coverage, your auto insurance company will pay you for the property damage and bodily injury caused by an uninsured motorist. It will cover you, any family member, and anyone occupying a covered automobile. The limits for this coverage are usually the same limits that you selected for liability, although you can choose lower limits. There are also times when a person who causes an accident has liability insurance but your damages exceed the limits of that person's coverage. In some states Underinsured Motorist Coverage is included in your Uninsured Motorist Coverage. In other states, you can purchase underinsured motorist insurance, which covers your excess losses up to the limit set forth in the policy.

Most state laws require that you carry a minimum amount of liability insurance, which pays for the injuries or damages you cause to someone else. While some people need only the minimum level of protection, others have assets that they need to protect. If you are unsure about how much liability insurance you need, consult a Progress Preferred Insurance professional. We can tailor a program to provide the right amount of protection for you and your family.