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At Progress Preferred Insurance, providing affordable and reliable coverage is both our passion and our profession. Our company is exclusively comprised of highly-trained specialists possessing a vast knowledge and experience in all aspects of the personal and commercial insurance industry.

Our expert team, with over 20 years of insurance experience, will support and guide you through the process to get customized personal or business insurance policy you need. Our goal is to provide professional and reliable service continuously to our clients by offering an affordable and tailored insurance coverage for outstanding protection. Get your fast and easy online insurance quote with Progress Preferred Insurance. Bundle Home and Auto Insurance policies to SAVE 30%. We also offer affordable Professional and General Liability Insurance for doctors, engineers, architects, accountants, consultants and healthcare providers.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Construction Businesses in CA

Workers' Compensation Insurance for Construction Businesses in California

The construction industry is the backbone of California’s infrastructure, contributing to both economic growth and the state’s ever-evolving skyline. While it’s a sector marked by innovation and progress, it’s also one of the most hazardous industries in terms of workplace injuries and accidents. Workers’ Compensation Insurance for construction businesses in CA, is not just an …

Retail Store Business Insurance in California

Retail Store Business Insurance

Running a retail store is a rewarding venture that comes with its share of challenges. From managing inventory and customer interactions to ensuring a safe shopping environment, there’s a lot to juggle. One essential aspect that often goes overlooked is retail store business insurance. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the importance of having …

Commercial Property Insurance, Landlord, & Lessors Risk Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance, Landlord, or Lessors Risk Insurance

For commercial property owners and landlords, protecting their valuable assets is of paramount importance. However, in today’s insurance market, finding adequate coverage for commercial properties has become increasingly challenging. Limited options, rising premiums, and complex policy requirements have made it difficult for property owners to secure the right insurance. But fear not! In this blog …