Workers Compensation Insurance in California

Workers compensation

Workers Compensation Insurance in California is mandatory by law.

For over 20 years Progress Preferred Insurance serves and protects California’s small-business owners like you and your employees with affordable and reliable Workers Compensation Insurance.  It is mandatory by law that business owners conducting any business in California must have Workers Compensation Insurance. Most importantly, even if they have only one employee. For example, when your employees get hurt or become sick, because of work, you as a business owner are responsible to pay them Workers Compensation benefits. Therefore Workers Compensation Insurance protects your employees and their families from unexpected injury-related medical expenses. Business owners, that do not have Work Comp Insurance, face fines and penalties. Furthermore, if an unexpected, work-related injury or sickness occurs, or an employee sues, business owners might pay all expenses out of their own pocket if they are not covered by the Workers Compensation Insurance.

Workers Compensation Insurance for Food Related Services

We’re providing California’s small businesses with affordable Workers Compensation Insurance. Specializing in Fine Dining, Family and Fast Food Restaurants, Cafes, Ice Cream, Yogurt, Boba & Coffee Shops, Bakeries, Bar & Taverns, Supermarkets, Grocery & Deli Stores. Rates starting as Low as 3%. Only 10% of the premium required to start the policy or choose “Pay as You Go” program.

Workers Compensation Insurance for Wholesale and Manufacturing Businesses

With our emphasis on financial stability and fast, efficient claims service, we save California’s Small Businesses on their Work Comp Insurance policies. Rates starting as Low as 3% for Food & Beverage, Apparel, Machine Shops, Paper Goods, & Other Wholesale & Manufacturing products. Only 10% of the premium required to start the policy or choose “Pay as You Go” program.

Workers Compensation Insurance for Automotive Industry

Worker Compensation Insurance CA remains focused on keeping California’s Main Street businesses working safely. We offer affordable Workers Compensation Insurance rates for Auto Service & Repair Shops, Car Washes, Used Car Dealerships, Gas Stations, Upholstery & Mechanic Shops. Rates starting as Low as 3%. Only 10% of the premium required to start the policy or choose “Pay as You Go” program.

What is “Pay as You Go” Workers Compensation insurance?

We offer “Pay as You Go” Work Comp insurance that allows you, the business owner, to make premium payments each time you run your payroll. Therefore, you can save and pay less as there is no estimation of the payroll. Instead, it is an exact amount, and payments are based on the correct numbers. Traditional Workers Compensation plans require large lump sum payments to cover the estimated payroll costs of your liability. In other words, using “Pay as You Go” program helps you eliminate those unnecessary extra expenses.

Moreover, the lower upfront cost to start your Workers Compensation Insurance is beneficial for your business. Most importantly, you can buy your Work Comp Insurance with little money down! After then pay you premiums in smaller amounts spread over the course of the year. In addition to all this information, you can submit the FREE QUOTE questionnaire and SAVE 30% on your Workers Compensation Insurance and be covered!