General Liability for your Business

General Liability

Let’s talk about General Liability.  Every business is at constant risk for liability exposure. Those risk open possibilities of lawsuits against your business. Lawsuits related to property, products or business operations can shatter company’s financial stability. Usually, General Liability coverage offers a level of protection that is an essential for any business. Business owners can’t afford to operate business without this very important protection. We understand that every business is different. From everyday exposures to those unique to specific industries, out team will make sure you will have coverage and ready for the unexpected.

What covers General Liability?

General Liability, also known as Business Liability Insurance, can help cover medical expenses and attorney fees. For example, expenses from bodily injuries and property damages for which your company may be legally responsible. Moreover, this insurance policy typically will cover you and your company for claims from your products, services or operations. It will also cover you if you are held liable for damages to your landlord’s property. Here are some examples that General Liability Insurance will cover:

  • If a customer gets hurt after slipping and falling in your store, they can sue your business. Your insurance policy includes bodily injury liability coverage, so it can help pay for their medical bills.
  • If you or your employees work at a client’s house, your business faces a risk of causing property damage. Property damage liability coverage can help cover repair or replacement costs if your business damages someone else’s belongings.
  • Someone can sue your business for libel or slander because of something you or your employees said. If this happens, general liability insurance can help cover your legal costs to defend your business.
  • For example, a photographer can sue you if you use their photo in your ads without permission.

What does not cover General Liability?

General liability insurance doesn’t cover injuries to employees, auto accidents, punitive damages, workmanship, intentional acts or professional mistakes. Moreover, those are exaples: