Cannabis Commercial Insurance

Cannabis Insurance

If you have a dispensary and run cannabis business, you probably already know the risks associated with it. Having the right insurance coverage will have you run your business smooth and feel protected. We can tailor Cannabis Business Insurance so it can meet your specific commercial needs.

Cannabis Dispensaries

Risks such as vandalism, burglary, theft, fire and many others can cause your dispensaries lots of financial and physical damage. It will take a long time for a business like yours to get back to its’ normal track, if disaster happens. We are ready to offer you the tailored insurance coverage for your business such as General and Product Liability Insurance with affordable rates. Also, we offer Property Coverage to protect the premises your business is located on.

Cannabis Growers / Cultivators

Cultivators, similar to dispensaries,  can face many dangers including theft, fire, equipment malfunction. Our main goal is to provide proper insurance coverage to protect your business from financial hardships it might encounter. Therefore, our agents will make sure to explain and offer business interruption coverage, product liability, goods in process, living plant and other important coverages.

Cannabis Laboratories

We also provide insurance coverage against General and Professional Liability for marijuana testing laboratories. In case of an accident a well tailored insurance policy can protect financials and abilities to restore your company’s ability to function back to normal.

Cannabis Manufacturers

Manufacturers of the cannabis and hemp edible and concentrated products also need a well structured insurance coverage. We offer product liability and product recall coverage as well.


Cannabis Commercial Insurance can also insure landlords from financial hardships when a disaster strikes. There are many exposures and difficulties that landlords of this industry can face. Therefore we offer insurance coverage for office buildings, cannabis facilities, industrial properties. Warehouses and green houses also must be protected and we offer protection for those landlords as well.